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Dec 15, 2012 6:00am EST
a government backdrop. japan, australia, rbs is part of their markets. that gets you back to where the u.s. is now. you have an outstanding mortgage stock in the united states. some of this data is a little bit dated from 2012. but it gives you some snapshots about where the delinquencies are. something like a quarter have an underwater nature to the mortgage. there are still some challenges outstanding in the markets. where is the credit going to come back into the system outside of the fanny-freddie model? there are lots of calls. you hear from jeb hensarling. fannie and freddie and the fha have to be drawn back in some way. how do you do that? this provides at least some of the basic high points of where is it that the private capital is going to come from. if you have a pension fund, you put that money into the u.s. housing stock market. do you lend that to borrower? do you want to loan money to people at 4% to buy a house? the government may be doing that. the private markets say they will put the money somewhere else. kind of japanese product. the liquidity it moves pretty quickly.
Dec 18, 2012 1:00am EST
not be nationalized. in more practical terms, father, who was born in japan, got his education here, paid his taxes, and could not be nationalized. when he married my mother, who was born in hawaii and a citizen, therefore, the moment she got married, she lost her citizenship because of a law that was passed. in 1924, a law was passed in the congress, approved by the president, that said, if a people is to be found on qualify for citizenship, their homeland will not qualify. this was the quarter legislation. in the case of japan, it was singled out. the one country in the world without immigration. if you use this as a background, one can understand why certain levels of animosity developed and existed prior to december 7. we, as young people, had no idea about what's going on. >> let's jump forward now. let's talk specifically about your experiences as a young man. 18 years old. >> i was 17. a senior in high school. i was well aware of the events and although our neighbors were very friendly and understanding, when the news of december 7 finally hit me, i realized what had happened. i concluded th
Dec 10, 2012 10:00am EST
to come to the united states to be our next generation of on japan new hours because of our system of higher education. the staff that we have our worldwide brands because of the innovations that they have made and that they continue to make. the role of investment and research. it plays a vital role to that. because of the innovation ecosystem. it is vital in the united states. it can be fragile if we make long-term decisions. we are having this discussion today. we are excited by this conversation. i will start the conversation with president drew faust of harvard. then we will have a panel, moderated by al hunt of bloomberg news. he has many years and many stories of washington appear that panel will be joined by susan molinari of google, glenn hutchins was made very smart decisions in technology and understands the role of technology companies in the global economy. jonathan marino has written extensively about the united states investment in science and what it has meant for us on a whole host of issues. we will sort of a conversation with drew faust. \ let me spend a minute t
Dec 7, 2012 10:30pm EST
new of japan toward the sun -- brand new effort nor -- entrepreneur visa. these are things supplementing what the great work that our universities do. we still attract some of the best talent. let's keep them here. if folks want to choose to live out the american team, we want them to have that opportunity. it is in the best interest of all of us. >> it was a great summary. let's take a step back and put it in context. sometimes you're dealing with immigration and stem and visas and other specifics. it gets a little bit wonky. i think it is important to stick -- to take a step back and understand why it is so central to the future of our nation. i think it is worth remembering that the nation once was a startup. a bunch of pioneering people decided to come over here on boats and try to build a better world and find a better life. number two, it is also worth mentioning that we did not become the leading economy in the world by accident. it was the work of entrepreneurs creating companies and entire industries that really fuelled the american story and animated it to the poi
Nov 30, 2012 10:30pm EST
is the discussion was about the special board of nato countries and those closely aligned, australia, japan, colombia. there are other great democracy that do not be seen as part of the camps. while i would not expect those countries to necessarily sent troops to libya or something like that, i would expect a greater concern for democracy, human rights, especially in those regions, places like zimbabwe and burma. we have not seen them step up take a huge role diplomatically or anything else. is not as leaders of the democratic world, but more as leaders of the developing or emerging economies. that solidarity keeps them from the democratic values that we share. is there a way you can and treat those countries to play a greater role to see themselves more as a democratic power and sharing, and democratic values and making that a higher priority in your own foreign policy? >> the short answer would be yes. all those countries that you have listed, and more, certainly in terms of their economic capacity, compared to some of the smaller democracies, particularly some in the americas that have a
Dec 28, 2012 10:30pm EST
them to japan. the last time i saw bratton they were putting him on the plane. and he was very calm and most time i see that is when people are about to die. i said "goddamnit, bratton, hang in there." he said no i'm hanging in there. >> on page 18, this is the only place where you mention this gentleman's name. an a.p. reporter was there for the siege. you quoted hymn was this the first time you met this man? >> first time i met him. he was an unknown reporter at the time. he heard about a battle and heard that we were surrounded he came in and ended up in the camp. he got surrounded with the rest of us. so this night, we had a battalion commander who was badly wounded and we had to get him out of there or he was going to die. we convinced them to bring out one medevac ship in the dark and peter wanted to get out so we carry -- carried this guy out of the camp. we went out and the helicopter pilot called and said i can't see you. he had his light office and we had our lights off. he said about what forming a t with your flashlights. we formed a t and i had a fellow in front of me a
Dec 14, 2012 10:30pm EST
. it is not fannie and freddie like, but it has a government backdrop. japan, australia, each of these will show you a little bit that rbs was part of their securitization markets and where it was coming from. tickets to back to where is the united states now. if you want to go to a laboratory and think what is the optimization system, you cannot do that. you have some outstanding issues. delinquencies, defaults, some of the data is a kid from earlier in 2012. it gives you snapshots of for the delinquencies are, or something like one quarter of the residential properties have some sort of underwater nature to the mortgage. there are still some challenges outstanding in the market. the key is, where do you get new credits from? where will they come back into the system outside of the fannie and freddie model? you hear it from both sides of the political aisle. they agree, at fannie and freddie have to be drawn back somehow and some way. how you do that, that could be a decade-long question that we will continue to answer at a political level. this provides some about where is it this capital will com
Dec 24, 2012 8:00pm EST
impression that one of the first things he did after leaving office was except a speaking engagement in japan for $2 million. is that right? for some reason, that took me back. today it would just go off my back like nothing had happened. what is more natural? but at the time -- so. ♪ take all the money we need for school spend it on a weapon you can never use make the world an offer they cannot refuse open up the door and let the shark-men feed sell the ponderosa to the japanese slap leather go on, ron just about to go myself turn the world into a tv show it is the same game wherever you go one big advertisement for the status quo as if you knew how the story ends as if you are not sitting in a room alone and there was somebody real at the end of the telephone somebody real just about to dial your number ♪ ♪ get all worked up go back to war tie that yellow ribbon a side of fries big mac falafel stormin' norman i used to love a parade big mac falafel just about to go myself ♪ [applause] "big mac falafel" in the code for the oversimplification of the arab world and the tendency of amer
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)